Technical nanofiber membranes

NF Membrane 

Uniform, nano-structured polymeric membranes for various uses.

We apply a range from very light coatings to thick membranes of a tenth of a micrometre. We apply nanocoating to various substrates (nonwovens, paper, foil) from which the membranes can be removed and transferred to other materials by production or by other processes (lamination) at the customer place.

Production of nanofiber membranes from organic polymers PA6, PU, PVDF

Nanofiber membranes from organic polymers PA6, PUR, PVDF, and other produced on NanospiderTM technology.  

  • Highly porous and breathable polymer layers
  • Basis weight from 0.2 g/m2
  • Applied to carriers – nonwoven fabric or paper
  • Without adhesion – for subsequent processing (for transfer to another material)
  • With adhesion – laminated on the substrate

Benefits of nanofiber membranes

  • Layer homogeneity and uniformity 
  • High material porosity
  • Small pore size

In combination with a suitable polymer, they provide these specific properties:

  • Ability to filter and separate
  • Ability to breathe and release air
  • Resistance to water penetration
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound absorption

By adding antimicrobial and antifungal agents, it is possible to ensure the resistance of the membranes to bacterial proliferation and fungal ingrowth.

Applications and use

  • Filtration – principle of surface filtration, application in pulse-jet filters
  • Separation – nanofiltration, filtering of liquids (food a beverage industry)
  • Technical textiles – barrier fabrics, textile laminates, surface-treated fabrics (nanocoating), laminates for disposable clothing (healthcare, industry)
  • Textile and footwear applications – waterproof vapor permeable membranes for apparel and footwear
  • Thermal insulation materials

Benefits of using NF membranes

Filter applications 

  • HVAC pulse-jet baghouses 
  • Air pollution industrial dust collector systems
  • Gas turbine filters static and pulse (self-cleaning) applications

- High efficiency to capture particles from 0.1 microns at a low-pressure drop
- Excellent dust cakes release and pulse cleaning ability
- Extended filter cycle length (compared to non-nanocoating material)
- Longer filter life – a higher number of filter cycles (compared to non-nanocoating filter)
- Lowers operating cost

Technical textiles

  • Specific surface properties
  • Air permeability, breathability
  • Barrier property again pollutants, dust, microorganisms
  • Carriers of active substances – antimicrobial, insecticidal, antifungal

Textile and footwear applications

  • Air permeability, breathability
  • Antimicrobial property
  • Water resistance
Nano Medical uses NanospiderTM technology to produce high-quality nanofiber membranes from organic polymers in the width of 160 cm.

Nano Medical Service

  • Product and technology development 
  • Transfer of technology from the laboratory to the industrial process
  • Custom production of the nanofibrous membrane according to customer specification 
  • Lamination and cutting
  • Material analysis
  • Expertise in nanofibers

Available technologies

  • Production of the nanofibrous membrane in the width of 160 cm
  • Lamination of the nanofibrous membrane with other textile materials and carriers in the diameter of 160 cm