Our team of experts and specialists in the field of nanofiber materials development and production has yeas of experience with the process of nano technology transfer from laboratory to industrial production of a commercially viable product.

We offer to our customers 

  • Custom development - our own experience and know how while developing products for internationally recognized, multinational companies 
  • Transfer technology - know-how, R&D and technical background in developing products from the laboratory to industrial production.
  •  Custom production  

- customised production of polymer nanofiber layers for technical applications according to customer requirements.
- custom production of chitosan nanofibers based on the patented ChitoFib technology according to SVP 
- custom manufacturing of ODT drugs containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

  • Expertise and consulting
Do you need advice, opinion, expert expertise or evaluation of your material parameters?

A team of nano textile, process, materials and technical experts is at your disposal.